About Us

Dom means home in several Eastern European languages, such as Polish, Bosnian and Croatian.
Hus means home in Norwegian.
Domus means home in Latin.
So many words, which go through history, time, space, travel all over Europe and bring us closer together, under one roof, the home’s one.
Because home is not just a collection of tiles and bricks to shelter from the cold where you live and sleep. Home is much more.
Home is something personal, something emotional.
Home is an emotion. Home is the place you think about when you’re away. It’s the room you want to furnish as you like, it’s the kitchen where you share meals with the people you care about; it’s the sofa that awaits you at the end of the day; it’s your favorite cup, the one where you pour in the coffee every morning, and which automatically makes it taste better.
Home is where you loved, where you suffered but also where you rejoiced and celebrated.
Where you can cry without being ashamed, but you can also laugh; where you can be alone without feeling alone or surrounded by the people you love the most.
Home is the place where you gather with your family to celebrate the holidays and where you invite your friends to dinner.
Home is life, it’s memories, it’s emotions.We aren’t a large corporation. We don’t have a board of directors and thousands of employees.
We are the fruit of ambition.
The ambition to be able to provide you with the products and accessories which help you to better live your house every day and that maybe one day will be part of your best memories.
The idea of creating something beautiful, practical and useful, without sacrificing quality.
Something different for quality of materials, for the attention to details, for the importance we give to each customer.
Because every single sale is a small victory and a source of pride for us and the very fact that you are reading these lines means a lot to us.

Welcome Home.
Welcome to Domhus.